Personality Development Through Meditation

Picture 015   Picture 484 Picture 470                                                                   Yog Prashikshan Sivir: V C Yogi                                                                  at Banmalipur Priyanath Institution Barasat , West Bengal

Organised By ::: sarva shiksha mission Uttar 24 Pargana .. Govt Of India

Today, people, without stress and anxiety is quite unlikely. People have become busy and mechanical. There is no time to sit, talk, and relax. They are always on their toes, running here and there, without any goal in front of them. Most stress and anxiety is the result of what  happens inside our head, rather than what happens to our body.

Now the most wanted question comes, how can a person be relaxed and calm? How can a person build an all-round development of his personalty? When we’re under pressure, words come quickly and rhythm of our speech speeds up. By reversing  these patterns slowing our words, articulating our thoughts more carefully, slowing our breathing-we can beguile our subconscious into believing we are relaxed and calm.

From the psychological aspect, mind plays a dominant role in all our activities, attitudes, belief, thoughts, aptitudes, reasoning etc. Our so-called mental condition depends upon our stable and feeble- minded activity. Now if we can say that he/she is stable minded then we can also say that he/she possess a unique and well-developed personality of his own. The development of personality of an individual is to a great extent dependant upon a view about himself. The emergence of positive self-concept is likely to lead to a well-developed harmoniously developed personality. It is therefore important that the children made to learn from the very beginning to develop positive self-concept, which is socially desirable.

Nothing bodily accounts for personality. At the back of everything physical, and greater than any thing physical is themind. Meditation plays a dominant role for the peace and mind and making ourselves conscious. When we dwell on our sound of your breathing,when we can really hear it coming and going,peace will not be far behind.

How can we meditate? Concentrate on a movement, a sound, an image, a thought,without strain and without concern if your attention wanders. Before you know it, you will be meditating. So physical exercises, aasana, mediation and relaxation are sources of our physical and mental well being. Hence an all round development of personality.

Look to your health and mind                                                                   And if you have it…………
Value it next to a good
Conscience; for health is
The second blessing and
Mind is the first blessing
That we mortals are capable of
A Blessing
That money cannot buy.