“Yog Persona” – Experimental Project

Yog Persona was conducted from 16th May 2006- 9th June, 2006 for slow weak and marginalised students.

83 in all-

63 for Retest     – Weak in various subjects – English, Maths, Science, 2nd Language.

20 for Disfunctional – Temper, Tantrum- Restless, Stubborn- Aggressive, Abusive, Self Destructive.

Retest               – 41 Improved

– 20 Improving

– 2 Struggling

Behaviour       – 15 Bigchange 3 Slight Change

– 2 Not quite responding

On the whole Positive encouraging from being controlled to being controlling covering retreat in advance –

1- Examination demand a pass percentage – compromise means lowering your standard – with no accepted alternative – ( though the stress level by concerned Boards has been relatively reduced) MARKS still hold supreme -1

2- We discovered the reasons for poor performance in various subjects.

i. Fear

ii. Lack of Interest

iii. Lack of motivation

iv. Impelling distraction- sometimes associated with guilt and shame.

v. Unhappy surroundings – Both home and school.

vi. Physical appearance.                                                                                                           With this knowledge – Too well known to be called our discoveries……………. School and Yogiji started the project workshop with

i. Medical Test –                                                                                                                           Basics – Height , Weight – Blood Pressure, IQ – Other Functions – chart was prepared –

ii. Counselling Sessions –                                                                                                                 Fear guilt insecurity – Barriers-                                                                                            Children poured their heart out – Every topic Taboo or otherwise was discussed with a neutral person.

iii. Lessons taught by Teachers other then their regular ones. As if they were re-introducing the subject – Back to Basics so that the slow distracted disillusion could come back to the tracks.

iv. Interaction with the Parents and Staff –                                                                              To Re- think accept and adapt to the changing times – and set themselves free from the preconceived notions.

v. Yog –                                                                                                                                      through various asanas – the students gained confidence – better concentration – and became aware of their strength and weakness which no longer mattered –

Now our very talented – very supporting very caring staff – will put before you – some everyday happenings – both at home and school – Too dim to register – but too vital to ignore –

I hope their performance will move you as much as it has moved us in preparing.