I got introduced to Devarshiyogapith through its founder president Shri Vijay Chaturvedi Yogi through a friend of mine Sandeep Joshi. I was then sufferring from neurological problems and was suspected of Mylopathy. My limbs became stiff and weak . I could not walk freely. I had continous parasthesia in the foot and tingling sensation in arms . I was hospitalized in NIMHANS, Banglaore too. Post hospitalisation, I was under medication.But after a while the symtoms resurfaced. I became very anxious as to my future . I am software engineer by profession and feared RSI. Once I thought of leaving my thriving career for health. I again visited a neurologist at Appolo Hospitals, Kolkata. MRI and VI test was done. Nothing came out but the problem remained. Unfortunately my younger brother was also suffering from such problem. Because of this problems and uncertain future, I thought of skipping or delaying  my marraige plan as neurological problems can be very life cripling

Just at this time , Sandeep introduced me to Yogi ji. At the very sight he asked me questions which surprised me. I doubted if this bearded man can do any help where qualified doctors have failed. He said your problems are due to high pitta level. For a software guy I was amused. But thought of giving it a try. Specially as Yogi ji has cured Sandeep from arthritis at young age.

I started attending his classes. At first I never thought yoga can be curative. After a month, all my problems were no more. The stiffness in my legs and parasthesia were all gone. Its nearly two years now. And still touchwood I have no problems. I am married now and not in regular yoga classes. But I follow Yogi ji's principle and yoga.

Just two days ago I was having severe acidity. I did Kunjal. Yogi ji says you should get results then and there which I never believed. It was late night and I did not want to go out and get a antiacid. So after i did kunjal and started doing Yogi ji's sheetkari pranayams or cold pranayam. To my surprise acidity was no more. Vanished.  Yogi ji just bewildered me. I am thankful to him. He makes you feel good and at ease. He develops the belief in his student so that he or she is able to do the difficult asanas easily. I can go on on but to stay short I feel he is a yoga teacher with a difference.


Vishwanath Washimkar
email : vishwanath@washimkar

Vishwanath Washimkar