Role of ‘Yama’ For The Development of Personality

Certain rules and principles have been prescribed by Maharishi Patanjali, the originator of science of ‘Yoga’. The new entrants of ‘Yoga’ must follow these principles to make their practical life pure, simple and peaceful. Even they are important to the ordinary human being to make this life successful.

‘Yama’ are five in numbers i.e.
1) Ahimsa (non violence)
2) Satya (Truth)
3) Asteya (Non-accumulation of goods)
4) Bramhacharya (Celibacy)
5) Aparigarh (Non-accumulation of goods)


These ‘Yamas’ are the guiding principles for our day to day practical life. The role of importance of ‘Yamas’ for the development of human personality may be given as under :-

1) Ahimsa (Non-Violence):- According to the dictum of ahimsa efforts must be made to observe the rule of non-violence in our every walk of life. We should not hurt physically and mentally. When we observe this principle, we acquire love and affection of all living things. Even wild animal become pet and friendly as was found in lives of great persons like Mahavir, Buddha etc. Mahatma Gandhi got sympathy of all responsible communities and persons of the world because he followed the principle of non-violence our personality develops in the right direction.
2) Satya (Truth):- The ‘Yama’ or directive principle says that one should observe truthfulness in his life. When we follow this principle of truthfulness all persons trust us regarding the integrity of our character. There is also development of our inner values. The honest businessman, politician, musician, author, social and religious person get permanent success in their life. They get true respect and confidence of all persons. It is the popular saying that God bestows all his powers to those who all really honest and follow the path of truthfulness. Moreover, we get rid of ourselves from various forms of our anxieties, stress and strains if we lead a truthful life. It is therefore, not possible to develop our personality in the right direction without observing the principle of truthfulness. It is the Kernel of the wholesome development of our personality.
3) Asteya (Non-indulgence of any form of stealing):- As per this ‘Yama’ observance of non-indulgence of any form of stealing is essential for the development of our character. We should not take away the possession or belongings of others secretly without their permission. If we indulge ourselves in any form of stealing we become the immediate victim of our inner selves or Atma (soul). It condemns such vivid of activity. A kind of prevails into our vivid. We start fearing regarding the exposes of our secrecy, such kind of fear Psychosis Census uneasiness into our mind. The habit of theft makes us dependent on others. It checks the way of self-dependence. Thus asteya is recommeded for development of sound personality. Moreover, we ordinary persons cannot live in peace and dignity if we indulge ourselves in any form of stealing.
4) Brahmacharya (Celibacy):- To control our mind regarding the indulgence in any form of sex is Brahmacharya or celibacy. It id one of the most important ‘Yama’ to be followed in our life. If we engage our mind in any kind of Sexuality, we lose our concentration. In lack of concentration, it is not possible to learn or do any kind of activity in a right manner. When we constantly think about sex, it causes perversion. The pervert mind becomes obstinate, peevish and wicked. The observance of the principle of Brahmacharya makes our body and mind healthy. The sound mind in a body helps the growth of sound personality.
5) Aparigarh (Non-accumulation of goods):- Non-possession of wealth, property and other goods than our present need is called ‘Aparigrah’. It is found that resources are scarce. It scarce resumes are kept in the form of stock by some individuals, it will cause shortage of goods for the consumption of others. For example, if we make huge stock of food grain for our future consumption or for sale at higher prices in order to maximize our profit, it will cause the shortage of food grain for the consumption of others. It means that our stocking of food grains causes shortage of food grains and as a result hunger and ultimately death. Therefore more stocking or accumulation of goods then our present needs is both economically and socially unjustified activity. In addition to this lust for over stocking of goods causes many problems. Moreover, there is moral degradation of the person who indulges himself in the activity of over stocking of goods. The principle of Aparigrah stresses for the equal distribution of scarce resources among all creatures including the human being so that all can satisfy their needs. The greed for hoarding, stocking and accumulation of goods makes person selfish, corrupt and dishonest. Therefore, it causes obstruction for healthy growth of personality.

After making brief discussion of ‘Yamas’ following conclusions can draw regarding the role-played by them for the development of personality.
1. They (Yamas) create infrastructure for the development of sound personality in the right direction.
2. They help for the development of healthy body and mind.
3. They pave the way for the manifestation of human, social and moral values.
4. They help to lead the purposeful and successful life.
5. They widen our thinking relating to the creatures of the earth as well as universe.
6. They bring peace, satisfaction and contentment in our life.