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Vijay Yogi on curing hyper acidity through yoga & pranayama, swar vigyan

Vijay Yogi on diet for a yoga and pranayama practitioner on Taaja TV – Part I

Yogi Ji on Saagar Manthan, Taaza TV

Yogi Ji on Saagar Manthan, Taaza TV  

Yogiraj Bishop P.S.P.Raju: An Inspiring Character

Yoga has nothing you do with religion .It is way of living . Its keeps our mind and body hale and hearty. Religion can only be practiced with keeping one’s body and mind in healthy condition and in harmony. People suffering from disease discuss illness or negative topics. Healthy person on the other hand will be positive and progressive. The creation of a healthy society needs a healthy generation, in the making of which yoga play an integral role. Every individual in the society needs yoga to stay fit both mentally and physically so that he can play his part to the best of his ability. In my nearly four decades of practice of yoga, I met many people from all walks of life and across all he religious denomination. Few has left immense impact on me and my thought process. Yogiraj Bishop P.S.Raju is one of them. Bishop Raju or ‘bhishop saab’ as I fondly call him heralded a revolution in the society with the help of yoga.

Personality Development through Meditation

Today, people, without stress and anxiety are quite unlikely. People have become busy and mechanical .There is no time to sit, talk and relax. They are always on their toes, running here and there bereft of any goal. This is giving rise to stress and strain. Most stress and anxiety is the result of what ...


The months of march is generally a very busy time in most school that follow the April to March academic year schedule .In the year 2006 immediately after the final examination were over in mid-March all the teacher here at St Thomas ,Day School were busy correcting answer script .It was during this time that ...

Yoga & Health Care

Looking Yoga in a Health Care Perspective

Man is also  a thinking animal. The Almighty has blessed man with Six senses which allows him to lead a natural and human life. From time immemorial man has been advancing it to live at its best.  May it be its eating habits ,his standard ...


A young man fell on a tree and was hanging precariously when he looked down and saw a bearded man" where am I" asked the young man. '"Oh you are now on a tree" replied the bearded man. "Thank you sir.....I suppose you are a teacher" "Oh yes, I am a teacher.But did you guess this". Well that is ...