Cultivation of Totality Among Students Through Yoga

And revolution is going one, day in & day out, what is entirely different in nature and which must take place if we are to emerge from the endless series of complexities of life in which we are caught. This revolution must continue, not with the on going traditional bookish education & ideation, which eventually prove worthless but with a radical transformation in the mind itself. Such a transformation can be brought about only through right education and the total development of one human being. It is the revolution that must take place in the whole of the mind and not merely in thought, as thought is only a result and not the source. We are not bringing about a vital change, uprooting the old ways of thought, freeing the mind from traditions and habits.
To inquire and to learn is the function of the mind. By learning I do not mean the mere cultivation of memory or the accumulation of knowledge, but the capacity to think clearly and the same without illusion to start from facts and not from beliefs and ideals.
When a child is born on this earth he/she is merged into current of forces of nature, liveliness of surroundings, in a word, into the sea of stimuli and the child responses to those stimuli and experience the reactions. Child and forces both are parts of nature and the interaction between them is the process through which personality of a child is developed gradually day by day. Depending upon the age and these interactions mental age of a child increases and thus the level of intelligence.
The total development is helping him to realise his own highest and fullest capacity, not some fictitious capacity. But spirit of comparison prevent this full flowering of the individual. The fullest capacity of a cricketer is the same as that of an artist or the fullest capacity of a scientist when there is no comparison. But when comparison comes in, then there is envious reaction which create conflict between man and man.
Concerning total development of student, they may not be allowed in the beginning to choose his own subjects because his choice is likely to be based on passing moods and prejudices or in finding the easiest thing to do; he may choose according to the immediate demand of a particular need. But if he is helped to discover by himself and cultivate his innate capacity and possibility, then he will naturally choose not the easiest subjects, but those through which he can express his capacity to the fullest and highest extent. If the student is helped from the very beginning to look at life as a whole, with all its psychological, intellectual and emotional problems he will not be frightened by it.
Parents should understand the kind of education the school intends to give. As most of the parent wish to see their children happy with a successful career, they frighten or affectionately bully them into acquiring knowledge and so the book becomes important. And with it there is mere cultivation of memory or real thought. Most parents are concerned only with the cultivation of some superficial knowledge which will secure their children at respectable positions in corrupt society. But it is very important that the parents be fully acquainted with what the educator is doing and vitally interested in the total development of their children. A total development of the child can be brought about only when there are right relationship between the teacher, the student & the parents.
The natural curiosity of children, the urge to learn exists from the very beginning & surely this should be intelligently encouraged continually, so that it remains vital & without distortion and will gradually lead him to the study of a variety of subjects. As learning is facilitated when there is an environment of happy affection and thoughtful care.
Parents and teachers punish children in order to discipline them because they pressure that fear will bring discipline. But the human brain is governed by motivating forces( aim, purpose, inspiration, circumstances, and problems) and not by fearness or threatening.
If we look into the present state of art of School education system we will find that a student spends 5/6 hours a day in school but practically learn nothing as he lacks concentration to listen. Listening brings sensitivity in human beings. Sensitivity is contact with everything, human and non-human.
Thus we find what is that there is a gap between the way our next generation is rearing up and the way to man them. This gap is increasing with the passage of time and it results dangerous diseases in the society like dissatisfaction, frustration, corruption, trends towards terrorism, unemployment, social and political restlessness and so on. United family now-a-days becomes myth and families are broken into pieces of nuclear families. Parents are anxious about their old-age life, whether be looked after by their child or not. Isn’t it the emptiness of education? Education does not consist in merely being able to read, write and pass examinations; any clever person can do that. Education consists of cultivating intelligence, does it not? Intelligence is not merely cunning or trying to be clever in order to outdo somebody else. Intelligence is surely something quite different. There is intelligence when there is not any fear. Fear is obviously one of the barriers to intelligence and surely it is the very essence of education to help the student and as to be aware of and to understand the cause of fear, so that from childhood onward he/she can live free of fear.
To cultivate the totality among children so called theories as given by some methodologists like Jung, Frayol etc. or theory X or theory Y may not be helpful. It needs manifestation of perfection already in the children. Tools require to awaken the body-mind & soul, for realisation, self consciousness to inquire the questions: like what is the use of knowledge? What is the purpose of life? What does education actually means? Who am I? Why am I here on this earth?
The device should be such that it will promote the reasoning & creativity among the children in particular and people as a whole. The device should inculcate the hidden strength in oneself, it should revive one’s fullest capacity, its also strengthen the inner power to struggle for existence in this keenly competitive world. This device will surely increase the possibility of being crowned with success in life in general and to each and every event in day to day life in particular. What is that device?
The device is not a new one or a product of ever advancing Science & technology, that has been carried out by generation from long past.And that is yoga. It’s one of the precious treasure of India and Indian civilization that shows the world the only way to excel in life.
Yoga has broadly divided into four forms : Karma Yoga (path of action), Bhakti Yoga (path of devotion), Raja Yoga ( the science of mental control), and Gyana Yoga ( the path of knowledge). The aim of these Yogas is the realisation of the brahman. Karma Yoga removes gross impurities of the mind, such as selfishness and egoism & develops the giving hand of generosity. Bhakti Yoga destroys tossing of the mind and develops the heart. Raja Yoga steadies the mind and makes it one pointed which is very much important and the key to success. Meditation on the single subject will definitely bring enough success in that field of subject. Gyana Yoga removes the veil of ignorance, develops will and reason and brings in knowledge of self.
Again there are three types of Raja Yoga : Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga. These various modes of practices are to bring into control the mental modification.
The relation between the mind & the Prana is like that between the driver and the car. The regulation breathing brings happiness-material and spiritual. The Prana vayu (the positive vital air) is apana vayu ( the negative vital air) Prana ( Vital air) in the body of an individual is a part of the universal breath. Prana in not something related to breath alone. Breathing is only one of the many exercises through which we get real Pranayama the breathing is a manifestation of a vitalizing force called ‘Prana’.
By regulating the physical breathing, the Prana is controlled is this process of controlling the subtle Prana – called Pranayama. The Prana is not the consciousness or spirit but merely a form of energy used by the soul in its material and astral manifestations. The whole body is controlled and regulated by the force of Prana.
Yoga prescribes methods to train and develop the physical body & mind. The highly trained body must first of all be strong and healthy.
Yoga pays great attention to removing waste materials which our organs are not able to throw off.
There are six kriyas – dhauti, basti , neti, nauli, tratak and kapalbhati or cleaning the stomach, cleaning the colon, cleaning nasal passage, cleaning abdominal organs, gazing exercises for the eyes and cleaning the respiratory organs. Yogic exercise can check the accumulation of toxic acids and can eliminate. Therefore, it help to increase blood circulation and arteries elastic.
The goal of life is to grow to achieve and the science of Yoga gives a practical and scientific prepared way by which individual approaches towards truth wherein individual identifies itself the supreme soul that bring self-consciousness. This self consciousness is the spirit which never changes is projects the minds. The soul to realise its immorality and its identification with the supreme beings- the forces of nature.
Whatever activities we do, we do that with the control of mind but its surprising that we cannot control over mind. Mind has its own place that can makes a hell or heaven in it. The process of Yoga & Meditation is the path to control mind and a regular practice will strengthen the will-force which can conquer everything. Thus baby through childhood can be a man but cultivation of Yogic sciences will definitely make him a ‘Complete Man’ with total development of body, mind and soul.