From President’s Desk

Life is full of problems. We all face various types of problems in our daily life and we keep on pointing our fingures towards our prevailing social, economical and political structures and institutions. Discussions and debates on changes to take place often but things don’t tend to move beyond the discussion table. But surprisingly we are witness to social, political and economical power transfers happening in the name of ‘Change’. But at the end of the day its only change of hands rather than the real positive change we all want and desrve.

Is there a way out. Yes definitely and that is through the development of human mind. Human mind can be developed only through right education. Human mind today is plagued by worries, anxiety, dilemma and complex most of the time inferiority complex which the mind needs to conquer and subjugate. This possible only through control of mind. Control of mind requires the fodder of positive thoughts. Positive thinking will come through the right education and positive environment. Inquisitiveness and learning are the inherent qualities of human mind. The term ‘learning’ in this context does not refer or means memorizing ones lessons without understanding the real meaning of what is being read. Rather it means be conscious and awakened so that the mind thinks and works in the right direction unaffected by any dogma or preconceived notions.

Development of human brain requires purity of mind and clarity of thoughts. Purity of mind and clarity of mind requires guidance of a able learned guru. This is the reason guru is revered at a equal footing of god and mother in Indian theology. A true guru shapes his pupils mind and throught process. He does feeds his students’ mind with information rather he encourages his students to think independently and rationally. Such a guru will only be coach who commands (not demands) respect and affection of his pupils. This is only possible if the guru clears his students mind of any kind of dogma, gives direction to his skills and thoughts and encourages him to live life according to his freewill rather than luck or chance

Discipline particularly in our educational system still refers to suppressing the free will of a child so that he abides by the social stigmas. The result is we have more of literates or graduates who are intelligent enough to abide by prevalent socio-economic as well as political trends rather than acting on their free will to harness their talent and hobbies. Such individuals suffers from fear, anxiety, phobia, addiction. This is the root of crime in our homes as well as society.

The rise of psycho-somatic diseases in modern world just validates the above points which are raised by Devarshiyogapith from time to time since 37 years of its establishment. Devarshiyogapith has been working on this to create a general awareness on this. Our vision is a healthy open minded society and yoga is the tool to achieve this. In this last 30 years many colleagues joined, many left and many new faces joined in . This trend still continues. I would like to thank all of them particulary to those who unfortunately no more associated with us now. Your efforts and contribution encouraged and enabled us to walk the road to what we are today. Thanks a lot again. A awareness programme on yoga, pranayam and meditation has been deviced and practiced. Devarshiyogapith has sought the help and participation of the intellectuals and teachers of to be the catalyst of a positive change of the society free from any dogma or delusions. Devarshiyogpith and its respected associated have got commendable success in taking yoga and dhyan to the living rooms of religions leaders of all the communities of the society, irrespective of caste creed or religion. This is the reason Devarshiyogpith as been able to have religious heads of all major religions of India onto a single platform.

The second but definitely not the least thurst of Devarshiyogapith is on ‘Heath and Heath care’. With growing passage of time, health care particularly in India has become very sophisticated. Health care is not a society and essential human service today. Rather it is a big and guranteed business opportunity . The common man who does not have the huge amount is left at the mercy of luck either to get cured or to die a premature as he cannot afford the mecurial multispeciality treatment. By god’s grace, many patient have been cured at Devarshiyogapith but we feel that rather than curing a disease, lets make an effort so that we minimize the chances of getting one. A healthy body cultivates a healthy mind. Healthy minds will give rise to healthy and progressive society.

Since its very existence, the devine science of yoga strives a healthy mind and body. We need to have innumerous yoga centres (not our centre but yoga centres) on each and every neighborhood of the world. We are seeing a growing awareness on yoga not only in India but also in west too. Please come and join us to create a healthy open minded world so that the followers of all the religion can sit and meditate in peace and harmony. This is aim , vision , mission of Devarshiyogapith.

May God bless all of us with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Thanking You
Vijay Chaturvedi Yogi