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Cure Of Low Pressure , Devarshi yogapith

Yoga Videos

Cure Of Acupressure through yoga By Vijay Chaturvedi Yogi Jee

Yoga Videos

Cure of Acupressure through Yoga by Vijay Chaturvedi Yogi

Devarshi Yogapith

Yoga Training Camp

“Yog Persona” – Experimental Project

Yog Persona was conducted from 16th May 2006- 9th June, 2006 for slow weak and marginalised students. 83 in all- 63 for Retest     - Weak in various subjects - English, Maths, Science, 2nd Language. 20 for Disfunctional - Temper, Tantrum- Restless, Stubborn- Aggressive, Abusive, Self Destructive. Retest               - 41 Improved - ...

Role of ‘Yama’ For The Development of Personality

Certain rules and principles have been prescribed by Maharishi Patanjali, the originator of science of 'Yoga'. The new entrants of 'Yoga' must follow these principles to make their practical life pure, simple and peaceful. Even they are important to the ordinary human being to make this life successful. 'Yama' are five in numbers i.e. 1) Ahimsa (non ...

Impact of Yoga in School Education

Life of the modern human being has become very complex, confused and cumbersome. Every person has to confront with a large number of problems and difficulties. He/she has to work under strain and anxiety. Students of the school level in particular and of colleges in general face many problems. Our main concern is ...

Cultivation of Totality Among Students Through Yoga

And revolution is going one, day in & day out, what is entirely different in nature and which must take place if we are to emerge from the endless series of complexities of life in which we are caught. This revolution must continue, not with the on going traditional bookish education & ideation, which eventually ...

Our President Shri Vijay Yogi on Sagar Manthan